About us

Telcon is the leading wholesaler on Polish market. We achieved our position thanks to variety of products, broad assortment and cooperation with reliable manufacturers. That’s the reason we can offer products of highest quality  for reasonable price. Or product portfolio contains the best brands – either global or owned.

Shipment :

We cooperate with reliable transport companies, so your orders are being shipped fast and safe.

Customer Care :

We approach our clients individually. We are highly flexible and always in pursuit of matching the offer to customer expectation. This also adresses to shipment and technological solutions. Our customers can also count to attractive discounts and payment conditions.

Telcon is:

  • Professional and experienced team – our company has been established in year 2000 and thanks to our experience we are the best advisors you can find. You can count on us.
  • Remarkable customer care – we are focused on our customers. We are flexible and we are treating everyone individually.
  • High quality products – our assortment comes directly from the producers. That’s why they are reliable, and highly acclaimed.
  • Reputable brands – Telcon is exclusive distributor of highly acclaimed brands
    • Remax,
    • Nillkin
    • Maxximus
    • 3mk (linki)

We are certified by Nillkin:


In our product portfolio you can also find such brands :

  • Goodram
  • Toshiba
  • Forever
  • Myphone


We are focused on trust and good relations with our customers. We are open to any propositions or opinions.

Telcon Crew:

radoslaw_garnys Radosław Garnys – CEO
Cell: +48 600 700 914
E-mail: r.garnys@telcon.pl
Skype: radek.garnys
artur_ciesielski Artur Ciesielski – procurement specialist
Tel: +48 42 613 09 23
E-mail: import@telcon.pl
Skype: import.telcon
GG: 59810878
Piotr Grabowski Piotr Grabowski – export specialist
E-mail: export@telcon.pl